USA Gymnastics Washington State Handbook

A. General Washington State Information

1. Introduction

The USA Gymnastics Washington Handbook is intended to clarify those areas left to state discretion by the USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies and to clarify procedures to implement the rules. This handbook will be updated by the USA Gymnastics Committee and USA Gymnastics State Director, but make sure your handbook is updated according to the recent minutes. Nothing herein is intended to change any policy outlined in USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies. No deviation from the Handbook is allowed without the prior approval of the USA Gymnastics Washington State Committee.

2. State Committee Members

3. Duties of the State Committee

All Committee Members must be:

East Sectional Representative 

Central Sectional Representative 

North Sectional Representative 

South Sectional Representative 

Optional Athlete Representative 

Compulsory Athlete Representative

Xcel Athlete Representative 

Educational Representative 

4. Election Procedures

The election of the USA Gymnastics Washington Committee is done in August every year. Each position represents one vote. The State Chairman may appoint committee positions that are non-voting and serve in an advisory capacity only.

Nomination requests will be sent to professional members. Any nomination not filled out completely or containing false information will be disqualified.

Election will be done online. If only one person is nominated for a particular position the State Chair will cast the deciding vote on those positions and no formal election will be conducted.

5. Committee Meeting Dates

The SAC will meet three times a year, and at any other time deemed necessary by the State Chair. State Committee meetings are closed unless otherwise stated. Should a professional member have a specific reason to address the committee, accommodations will be made. Members are encouraged to contact the appropriate committee members to discuss any questions, concerns or problems that may arise. Every effort will be made to post the committee meeting agenda on the USAGWA website prior to each meeting to allow for member input. 

6. Website

USA Gymnastics Washington will contract and maintain a website. The website will be the main source of information concerning competitive gymnastics in Washington State. Every effort will be made to keep the website up to date.

7. State Clinic

Each year the USA Gymnastics Washington will sponsor a State Clinic. This shall serve as an educational opportunity for our state.

Awards and Hall of Fame inductees will take place at Optional State

Most Inspirational Award – to be determined by the State Governing Committee annually.

Washington State Hall of Fame (WSGHOF)

The purpose of the Washington State HOF shall be to recognize the achievements of those who have earned the respect and admiration of their peers during their careers as gymnasts, coaches and judges in Washington Women’s Gymnastics. The USA Gymnastics Washington Hall of Fame Chairman shall review nominations from the USA Gymnastics Washington membership at large (nomination form is available on the USAGWA website). The acceptable list will be forwarded to the USA Gymnastics Washington State Committee, where the final decision on enshrines will be made. The state board will determine how often the Hall of Fame ceremony will occur.

The Hall of Fame shall serve as a place where the gymnastics community of Washington State remembers the legacies of gymnastics professionals for eternity.

Nominating Committee:  Laurel Tindall, Pricilla Hickey and Patti Gable

8. Clubs – Sections

Central Section

Aryal’s Gymnastics
Bainbridge Island
CEG West
Emerald City Gymnastics
Falcon Gymnastics
Gymnastics East
Gymnastics Unlimited
Hart’s Gymnastics
Mile High Gymnastics
Mt. Si Gymnastics
Olympic Gymnastics
Seattle Gymnastics
Summit Gymnastics

East Section

All American
AIM Gymnastics
Apple Valley
Colville KIPS
Dynamic Gymnastics
Evergreen Gymnastics
Garland’s Gymnastics
Gymnastics Plus
Mountain View Gymn.
Northwest Gymnastics
Rodeo City Gymnastics
Spokane Gymnastics
360 Gym and Cheer

North Section

Advantage Gymnastics
Bothell Gymnastics
Cascade Elite 
Edmonds Illusions
Ground Zero
Gym Star Sport Center
Klahhane Gymnastics
Mt. Baker Gymnastics
North Coast Gymnastics
Northwest Aerials
Rising Stars
Sky Valley
Alpha Gymnastics
Twisters Gymnastics

South Section

Auburn Gymnastics
Black Hills
Crystals Gymnastics
Grace Gymnastics
Gymnastics Elite
Mercy Gymnastics
Naydenov Gymnastics
Northpointe Gymnastics
Pacific Gymnastics
Peak Gymnastics
Yelm Gymnastics
Zenith West


9. TOPs

Information on the TOPs program can be found online at [Coming Soon]

10.  Xcel

Washington Xcel Chair: Jan Urfer

Regional Xcel Representative: Diane Palmer

WA Xcel Awards: for both the judges and qualifying competitive season: Achievement ribbons and AA placement for Bronze and Silver placement awards for events and all around for Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Ribbon System for Xcel Bronze and Silver will be the same at Level 2, 3, and 4.

The following has been approved by the USA Gymnastics Washington Committee for the judging panels for Xcel.
Bronze and Silver: Minimum of a one judge panel, can use a rated official with a minimum 4/5 rating OR a pro member. Effective 2020 it will change to a 2 judge panel.

**Using a rated official is highly recommended except in cases of emergency or lack of availability of a rated official. if a pro member is used the person should be an Xcel coach or pro member very familiar with current Xcel rules of competition.
Gold, Platinum and Diamond: Two judge panels using two rated officials with a minimum 7/8 rating. (if there is a lack of qualified officials, the assignor may contact the RTCC for permission to assign a lower rated official if necessary.)
State: Two officials with a minimum 7/8 rating.

Xcel Event Specialists:

B. Washington Competition Information

1. Washington Competition Calendar

The USA Gymnastics State Calendar shall be determined by the USA Gymnastics Washington State Committee on or before July of each year. The calendar is updated as needed throughout the year. The calendar shows all meets at the Sectional level and above as well as all preliminary meets that have been properly awarded. The calendar is on the website on the events page.

2. Reporting Meet Results

Meet hosts in the State of Washington are required to send the competition results and a copy of the sanction to the State Chair. Results must be postmarked within seventy-two hours after the conclusion of the meet. 

If you plan to use out of state meets for qualification purposes you must mail the meet results to the State Chair. Results must be postmarked within twelve days of the weekend of the competition. Results not postmarked within the required time will not count for qualifying.

3. Meet Host Request for Judges (Bid forms and Criteria are on Forms Page)

To Host a Meet

Local and Invitational meets to be held August – May:
Meet request forms should be completed and mailed to the assigner/financial officer (Patty Ames at present) with the assigning fees (payable to NAWGJWA) on a date specified by the committee each year. The State Chair and Assigner(s) will compile the meet calendar for fall and spring meets using these forms. Improperly filled out forms or forms without the assigning fee will not be considered for meets. Judges will be assigned to meets in order of forms received. (Every effort will be made to fill every meet requested. When the local judge pool has been depleted, with club permission, out of area judges will be used to fill the meets.)

Judges are assigned by proximity to the club as well as the level of the judge unless you specify otherwise. If a judge travels over 100 miles one way they are guaranteed a three-hour minimum judging time per Rules and Policies. The assignor will make every effort to fulfill any special request, however the is no guarantee. Clubs must be in good financial standing with USA Gymnastics Washington and NAWGJWA to schedule meets.

The Meet Director may also request specific judges when they submit a “Request for Judges” form to the state approved assignor. (Washington uses NAWGJWA as their assignor).

The Request for Judges Form is available on the USA Gymnastics website here OR from the SACC or the NAWGJ State Judging Director. (USA Gymnastics Washington uses it’s own forms that can be found on our forms page here).

The USA Gymnastics Judges Compensation Package will be used at all sanctioned competitions.

4. Championship Meet Bids (Meet Request Form is on Forms Page)

The following is the criteria the committee will use in selecting sectional/state hosts:

Any USA Gymnastics Washington Registered club in good standing may bid on a Sectional or State Championship meet by using a USA Gymnastics Meet Request Form. The form will be mailed/emailed to all clubs with host decisions made on or no later July 1st of each year for that competitive year. Only clubs in good financial standing with USA Gymnastics Washington, NAWGJWA and Region 2 are eligible to bid.

5. Meet Directors

Verification of Membership Online for Sanctioned Events

Verify Athlete
Select Athlete Roster

Select Verify Membership Link

*Please note, in an effort to protect the privacy of our members, you are no longer eligible to search for individuals by first or last name. You MUST have their member number. If you do not have the member number and/or club number, you will need to contact the club for member number information.

Verify Professional
Click on the Verify Membership button

Erica Koven
USA Gymnastics
Director of Member Services

6. Selection of State Meet Judges

The USA Gymnastics Washington Committee, per the USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies, does Judges selection for State competitions.

All State Meets are a two-judge panel with a separate meet referee.

C. Washington State JO Sectional and State Championships

Qualifying to State Championships

Specialist to State: 8.5 per event
State to Regionals: 9.0 (as decided by the Regional Committee in March of 2016)

Level 2 Judges Criteria -  one judge panel for level 2 with a rated judge

Ribbon System for Level 2, 3, and 4.  (Ribbon system will be the same for levels 2, 3, and 4 – Changed November 2014)

1. Washington State Sectionals and State Championships – Fall and Spring


All State Sectionals and State Championships will be divided into approximately equal sized age groups by birthdate by the host, dividing the total entered by 20 (there should be approximately 20 gymnasts in each age group). There should be the same number of age groups in each session of the meet. The USA Gymnastics Washington Committee has determined that the competition order for all Sectional and State Championships will be Junior/Child/Senior (and youngest to oldest within).

The order of gymnasts and events shall be conducted by the Sectional hosts (and witnessed by a USA Gymnastics professional member that is not affiliated with the host) and the State hosts (and witnessed by a USA Gymnastics Washington Committee member, the State’s Meet Director or a State Director – appointed by USA Gymnastics professional member).


August 2018: Qualifying may begin for fall season and optional
December 2018: Qualifying may begin for spring compulsory season.

The scores for sectional qualification:
Level 2, 3, 4, and 5: One score of 33.00 AA or higher (voted on and revised March, 2018)

From Sectionals to State: % of a %

Minimum athletes guaranteed at State meet will be 340 level 3's and 255 level 4's.

Level 5 State Qualifying -  Gymnasts qualify directly to State.


All State and Sectionals meets will create age groups of approximately 20 athletes and compete them in the following order: JR / CH / SR

Small (less then 10 athletes) and Large team (10 athletes or more) awards will be given at any Compulsory State Championships that has over 20 clubs entered with more than three competitors. Small Team: 3 scores on each event per team will count for the team score. Large Team: 4 scores on each event per team will count for the team score. When there is no large/small team designation three scores will count.

Team Awards: 50% of all teams with a maximum of 10 Places given out.

Awards/Certificates/Financial Reports


Hosts provide their own awards, but must present awards to 50% of the competing gymnasts and teams.

Ties are not broken at Sectional and State Championships. Duplicate awards are presented.

State Meets

Host clubs are responsible for the cost of All-Around and Individual Event awards, using the official USA Gymnastics medals per the Rules and Policies to meet the 50% award requirement.  The host must call or e-mail their order for the official state medals to the State Director no later than 10 days prior to the State meet. Payment for medals must be paid to USA Gymnastics Washington within seven days of the completion of the state meet, along with the USA Gymnastics Washington competition fee. Ties are not broken at Sectional and State Championships. Duplicate awards are presented. The state will absorb the cost of the Team Award Banners.There will be Open Scoring at all Optional State State Championships.

Competition Fee

$5.00 of each state entry fee must be paid to USA Gymnastics Washington and $5.00 to Region 2 no later than seven days following the state meet competition weekend. These should be sent to USA Gymnastics Washington.

Financial Report

Each State and Sectional Meet host must turn in a meet financial statement no later than 14 days following their meet to the state director.


Sectionals and State meets cannot exceed $20.00 per adult / $10.00 per child per session or a $40.00 day pass. 

2018-2019 Dates and Locations for Sectional and State Championships

Determination Dates 


Optional State entry fees are due by February 22nd for all gymnasts qualifying by that date. For gymnasts qualifying after that date, but before the last qualifying weekend (two weekends prior to the State Meet) you must send an entry form and the entry fee the Monday following the qualifying weekend. Late feels will be charged for any late entries.





Entry Fee

Qualifying Score to Sectionals

Spring 2019

*2 Judge panel with a working meet referee

March 23/24


Central: GU
East: AIM
North: North Coast 
South: Black Hills

$60 In Gym
$70 Out of Gym

33.00 AA or higher in one meet


State Championships 




Entry Fee

Qualifying Score

Gymnasts Qualifying for State Meets after the Deadline Listed:
Clubs must send entry fee and updated roster to the meet host within 48 hours of qualifying. Last qualifying weekend for Sectionals is two weekends prior to the sectional meet. Last qualifying weekend for optional, Xcel state is two weekends prior to State.

Fall 2018 

2, 3, 4, 5 & Xcel
*2 Judge panel with a meet referee

+ Level 7 Judges Cup Team Competition

December 1-2, 2018



$65.00 in Gym
$75.00 out of Home Gym

$5 to State
$5 to Region

33.00 AA in one meet


2019 Spring Xcel

2 Judge panel with a meet ref. May use one pro member and one rated official or two rated officials.

Line judge required

March 15-17

March 29/31




$75/gymnast - Bronze-Gold
$85/gymnast - Platinum & Diamond

$5 going to the state and $5 going to the region.

35.00 AA in one meet for B/S

34.00 AA in one meet for G/P/D

2019 Spring Compulsory

3, 4, & 5 State and Level 3, 4 Sectional Team

2 Judge panel with a meet referee

Line Judge required

April 5-7


Emerald City

$95/gymnast with $5 going to the state and $5 to the Region

Level 3:
% of a % at Sectionals

Level 4: % of a % at Sectionals

Level 5: 33.00 AA in one meets.

2019 Optional State


2 Judge panel with a meet referee

Line Judge required




$95/gymnast with $5 going to the state and $5 to the Region

32.00 AA in one meet for level 9/10

33.00 AA in one meet for level 6-8

2019 Regionals

Level 8 State Team Challenge


Corvallis, OR


Level 8: % of  % with a minimum of 34

Level 9/10: 34.00 AA at State

2019 Westerns – May 2- 5  Spokane

** $5.00 of each state entry fee is a competition fee for USA Gymnastics Washington and $5.00 for Region 2. These funds must be paid to USA Gymnastics Washington within seven days of the completion of the meet. They must be sent to USA Gymnastics Washington with the results of the state meet and a copy of the sanction.

Sectional Team

  • USA Gymnastics Washington will not be charging an entry fee for this meet. 
  • Each competitor will receive a leotard in their sectional color payed for by the State Committee.
  • North Section= BLUE / Central Section = PURPLE / South Section = RED / East Section = GREEN
  • Top 12 Level 3’s and Top 12 Level 4’s (regardless of age group) from each sectional meet will comprise the sectional team.
  • No alternates.
  • Seperate level awards will be given. 8 scores will count for each level.