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Upcoming Events


Congratulations to those who won the current election for North Rep and Xcel Rep!

North Representative: Kelle Riley

Xcel Representative: Jan Urfer

Recent Minutes


Thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 State Congress and Open Committee Meeting! Below are the minutes from our recent meetings.

July Open Committee Meeting Minutes
July Committee Meeting Minutes
April Committee Meeting Minutes

Congratulations to Jordan Chiles!
National Vault Champion and 4th Place All Around at the P&G Championships
2015 Junior National Team Member!

Congratulations to the newly elected Sectional Reps
Kelle Riley: North Representative
Jan Urfer: Xcel Representative

Current News


February Committee Meeting Agenda

Please click below to view the Agenda for the February Committee meeting. Send any input to your sectional rep.

February Agenda

2016 Washington State Congress

Flyer and Registration Info - Early Bird Registration ends July 1, 2016.

Education - Leading the Way for Owners, Coaches, Judges & Gymnasts
2016 USA Washington State Congress August 19-21 (revised date)

Site: Emerald City Gymnastics, Redmond
We are excited to be bringing the following great clinicians to our state.
Quinn Shannon for the W 200 USA Gymnastics University Course. From the National Office Connie Maloney. National Team Staff Clinicians: Tammy Biggs, Ivan Alexov, Dan Baker: Texas Stars, & Pete Arenas: Georgia Elite National JO Staff
Pre-School & Recreation: Jeff Lulla & Carrie Spender Lenox. Business: Jeff Lulla
College: Michael Chaplin: OSU (tentative), Patty Jo Resnick: Boise State, Steve Buckner: U of WA
Compulsories: Laurie Reid: R 2 JO Rep, Quinn Shannon, Kelle Riley, George Kostadinova
XCEL: Connie Maloney, Dianne Palmer, Jan Urfer. Dance: Yulia Hancheroff
College & High School: Dean Ratliff (Tentative). Tops Testing: Todd Sawyer

Additionally we will be offering the following athlete clinics
Thursday August 18th @ Emerald City
Learn Lv. 2-5 Compulsories Routines, Strength / Flex: Thursday 10:00 – 6:00 Laurie Reid, TBA
$70.00 pre-register by July 1st $60.00. 4 sessions depending on Registration #'s.

Two Sessions: Athlete Optional Clinics
Clinicians: Tammy Biggs, Dan Baker, Ivan Alexov, Patti Resnick, Nola Ayres
Thursday: Session 1: Level 4-7 8:30 – 1:30. Session 2: Level 8 – 10 2:30 – 7:30
$90.00 pre-register by July 1st $80.00
Register Early & Save $'s & your Spot.

2016 Pan American Championships

Dear Region 2,

We have the priviledge of being able to host Pac Rims this year. It is a big committment but USA Gymnastics knows we are the region to do it! Please sign up now to volunteer. We are in the process of getting coordinators for several positions. Not only do we need adult volunteers, we also need youth 14 or older who have a variety of positions. We need athleytes, parents, coaches, judges, gym owners! To those who have already registerede to volunteer- THANK YOU. I know it is the week after regionals and many of you have athletes who will be going onto Westerns and Nationals but please see if there is some time you could donate to this event.
pAC rIM 2016


APRIL 8-10

Coaches, Club, Gymnasts, Judges!
There are opportunities for everyone to volunteer at the upcoming
Pac Rim Championships.
sign up here

Time Requirements: minimum of six hours
Training: Training is not required for all volunteer positions. Specific training sessions will be conducted for specialized areas.
Uniform: All volunteers will receive a uniform t-shirt from USA Gymnastics. (Also required - self-supplied khaki pants and comfortable shoes. Set-up/tear-down not required to wear uniform.)
Credential: All volunteers will receive a credential. This will also act as a ticket for the volunteer for the venue.

Marian DeWane, Region 2 RACC

Bid Forms for 2017 Western and JO Nationals

Level 9 East/West Championships
Level 10 Junior Olympic Nationals
Intent to Bid Form

JO Level 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Cheat Sheets

Level 6-8
Level 9 & 10

Washington Financial Report

Please click here to view the Washington Financial Report for twelve months ending June 30, 2015.

Xcel Errata Pages

2013-2017 Xcel Code of Points Errata
Xcel Code Replacement Pages

Region 2 Camp Updates

Clarification on Region 2 Camps:
Super Camp - November 7th-8th at Gymnastics East in Bellevue.
High Tech and Hot Shots, November 13th-15th at Metropolitan Gymnastics in Kent.

2015 High Tech Information
2015 Super Camp Information

JO Code Updates

2013 - 2017 JO Code Errata - September 2015
Vault Revised Pages
Bars Revised Pages
Beam Revised Pages
Floor Revised Pages
JO Code General Revised Pages
JO Code Bars Illustrations
JO Code Beam Illustrations
JO Code Floor Illustrations
JO Code Floor Replacement Pages
JO Code Vault Revised Pages - Sept 2015

2015 - 2016 Rules and Policies

In an effort to get information to USA Gymnastics members efficiently and to keep the material up to date, USA Gymnastics will no longer distribute hard copies of the Women’s R&P starting in the fall of 2015. The latest version, with corrections, will be available online at https://usagym.org/pages/women/pages/rules_policies.html. You may download it and save it as a pdf in your computer or save it to iBooks. That way, it will be available on your tablet or computer along with the JO Code of Points, the Xcel Code of Points, and the USA Gymnastics Compulsory Book.

2015 State Committee Elections

Nominations are in, and we are about to vote for the open State Administrative Committee positions. Nola Ayres was the only nomination for Educational Rep and Kim Thomson was nominated for the Central Rep. Since both would have been running unopposed, I will give them the necessary vote to proceed with another two year term. Congratulations to them both, they have done an outstanding job in the past, and I look forward
to having them "back".

Over the next few days, you will all be receiving an email from an online voting company which will securely and efficiently handle the pending election. Please remember that in order to vote, your membership must be current. Please make sure you renew TODAY!

I can't tell you exactly when you will be receiving your email as currently USA Gymnastics has a glitch in their email lists. Our hope is that it will be fixed by Monday!

Please watch for the email. Jan Urfer and Susan Riley are running for Xcel Rep and Kelle Riley and Guy Adsit are running for the North Rep.

North Representative: Guy Adsit Resume, Kelle Riley Resume

Xcel Representative: Jan Urfer Resume, Susan Riley Resume

JO Code Errata

Please see the attached changes in the JO Code Errata. Revised July 1, 2015.

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to Linda Haverly, Lisa Pizl Price and Mike Armstrong who will be formally "enshrined" in the Washington State Gymnastics Hall of Fame! Please join us at the Washington State Congress HOF Banquet on July 11, 2015 at 12:30pm as we honor and celebrate these individuals, and the significant contribution they have made to the sport of gymnastics.

State Committee Elections

Message From State Chair Sandy Flores:

When I was elected as State Chair last year, the entire Administrative Committee was also up for election. At that time I made a decision to have half of the Committee's terms be a 1 year term (for the first year only) so that we never had an entire turn over ever again. The thought behind the change was to make sure we always had members on the Committee who knew the intent behind the votes and decisions. The outcome is we will run an election yearly as opposed to every two years. The positions which will be up for reelection this year are the North Rep, the Central Rep, the Xcel Rep and the Education Rep. While all 4 Committee members have done an OUTSTANDING job, it was only fair to our State that I took the opportunity to make the change that I did. The position descriptions and criteria are attached and the call for nominations will be July 1, 2015. Voting will be the first two weeks of August.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

State Committee Descriptions and Criteria

2015-2016 Meet Request Form

Please click here to download the 2015-2016 Meet Request Form. All clubs planning on hosting a meet must complete this form and have it postmarked no earlier than May 26, 2016. Please remember that all qualifying meets will require a 2 judge panel. Only one request per club may be turned in for Spring meets, however additional forms will be accepted at the draw in July.

2015 Junior Olympic Nationals

Congrtulations to all of the Washington gymnasts that competed at the JO Nationals in Iowa! Washington came home with several medals from this competition. Way to go girls!

Jaime Fields (Garland's) - 8th Bars
Kristina Peterson (Metro) - 6th Beam, 9th Floor
Malia Mackey (CEG) - 6th Beam
Kyrsten Leazer (CEG) - 10th Bars
Geneva Thompson (Metro) - 4th Vault, 6th Bars
Mary Jacobson (ECGA) - 6th Bars

Full results can be found at http://www.meetscoresonline.com/Results/17214

2015 Western Championships

Congratulations to all of the gymnasts who competed at the Western National Championships in Spokane last weekend! It was an amazing competition for Washington! Congratulations to all of the medal winners and Western Champions!

Mya Lauzon - Metro (Junior 1): 3rd V, 2nd UB, 2nd BB, 2nd FX, ALL AROUND CHAMPION
Karlei Shearer - Auburn (Junior 1): 6th BB, 4th FX, 6th AA
Amanda Zeng - Gym East (Junior 2): 3rd V, 2nd UB, ALL AROUND CHAMPION
Maison Turner - Auburn (Junior 3): 2nd BB, 5th AA
Emilie Henningsen - CEG (Junior 3): 5th UB, 6th FX, 6th AA
Bailey McCabe - Auburn (Junior 4): 3rd UB, 3rd BB, 2nd FX, 3rd AA
Emma Morgenthaler - Eastside (Junior 4): 4th V, 6th BB, 6th FX, 4th AA
Karissa Saelee - Metro (Junior 4): VAULT CHAMPION, 2nd FX, 5th AA
Shaela Ausmus - Naydenov (Junior 4): VAULT CHAMPION, BARS CHAMPION, 6th FX
Olivia Ledesma - SGA (Junior 4): 6th UB
Ashley Yang - Auburn (Junior 7): 4th V, 5th BB, 4th FX, 4th AA
Nikki Kwaske - Auburn (Junior 8): 4th UB, 2nd BB, 5th AA
Kennedy Cribbs - Northwest (Senior 1): FLOOR CHAMPION
Kyra McFeely - Northwest (Senior 1): 6th UB
Donna Webster - CEG (Senior 2): VAULT CHAMPION, 3rd UB, 2nd BB, 2nd FX, ALL AROUND CHAMPION
Maykayla Waggoner - Black Hills (Senior 5): 5th V
Maya Fletcher - Gym East (Senior 6): 6th UB, 4th BB, 5th AA
Breanna Couts - Crystals (Senior 6): 3rd V
Hannah Hamlin - Grace (Senior 7): 5th UB, BEAM CHAMPION, 3rd FX, 2nd AA
Pamela Correa - Roach (Senior 7): 6th V

Results can be found at: http://www.meetscoresonline.com/R17215

2015 Compulsory State Championships

Congratulations to all of the Compulsory Gymnasts at the 2015 State Championships! Congrats to all of the team and individual winners!

Level 2 Invitational: Auburn
Level 3 Small Team: NASA
Level 3 Large Team: Grace
Level 4 Small Team: 360 Gymnastics
Level 4 Large Team: Seattle Gymnastics
Level 5: Cascade Elite Gymnastics

Results can be found at: http://www.meetscoresonline.com/Event/15903

Level 3 Sectional All Star Challenge Champion: South Section
Level 4 Sectional All Star Challenge Champion: Central Section

2015 Washington State Xcel Championships

Congratulations to all of the Xcel gymnasts on a great State Championships! Congrats to all of the team and individual winners!

Bronze : Sport Gymnastics
Silver: Sport Gymnastics
Gold: VEGA Gymnastics
Platinum: Metropolitan
Diamond: Apple Valley

Results can be found at: http://www.meetscoresonline.com/results/17193

April Washington State Committee Meeting

Please view the minutes from the April Committee Meeting.

2015 Optional State Championships

Congratulations to everyone on a very successful Optional State Championships!

Team Champions:
Level 6: Auburn Gymnastics
Level 7: Auburn Gymnastics
Level 8: Emerald City Gymnastics
Level 9: Auburn Gymnastics
Level 10: Cascade Elite Gymnastics

Results: Meet Scores Online

Level 8 WA State Team: Anna Parchman (ECGA), Tali Joelson (CEG), Kira McKey (CEG), Madeline Hunt (ECGA), Lauren Quane (ECGA), Olivia Hartzell (ECGA), Aprilla Howick (Metropolitan), Jordan Rothkowitz (ECGA).

Good Luck to everyone at Regionals!

Level 2 State Invitational - Clarification

Clarification on the level 2's at Compulsory State. The level 2 competition will be run as an Invitational. There are no qualifying requirements to enter into the level 2 competition at State Championships. It is open to ALL level 2's. The entry fee will be the same as level 3-5.

Level 2 Sectional Clarification

For a level 2 to qualify to Sectionals they must only COMPETE in a sanctioned competition using the correct ribbon system. No qualifying score is needed. Judging panel may be two rated judges or one rated judge and one pro member. The meet host may choose to flash or not flash scores.

Xcel Questions and Clarifications


Recent Xcel questions and clarifications

1. Are judges required to flash start values for bronze and silver divisions?

Yes - start values must be flashed for all divisions.

2. Are Xcel gymnasts allowed to wear lycra bike shorts?

Yes - lycra shorts are allowed in Xcel competition.

3. Do the rules regarding underwear showing apply to Xcel competitors?

Yes - ALL underwear deductions in the JO Code (R&P p.16 #8 andJP Cpde p.5 #14)
also apply to Xcel. Sports bras may not show regardless of color. Judges should
give the appropriate warnings and apply the corresponding deductions if

(Do not be confused by Washington High School rules that make exceptions for
certain colors of underwear.)

Xcel FAQ

Please click here to view the Xcel FAQ flier.

Judges Milage Reimbursment for 2015

Attention Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Judges and Meet Directors:
Effective January 1, 2015, the rate for mileage reimbursement for judges is $.57 per mile to reflect the recent increase in the IRS standard mileage rate for 2015.

Help Marlene Cervantes!

Marlene Cervantes is a 14 year old level 10 gymnast who trains at Black Hills Gymnastics in Lacey Washington. Marlene was recently diagnosed with cancer and will start chemotherapy this Thursday (Thanksgiving 2014). For the next 8 months to a year, Marlene will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle and will need all the emotional and financial help we can give her. You can help her family by donating to http://www.gofundme.com/hqk61s.

JO Code Errata and Replacement Pages

Code of Points Errata
JO Code General Revised Pages
JO Code Vault Revised Pages
JO Code Bars Revised Pages
JO Code Bars Illustrations
JO Code Beam Revised Pages
JO Code Beam Illustrations
JO Code Floor Revised Pages
JO Code Floor Illustrations

Xcel Floor - Order Matters

Attached is a document to help clarify the principles for counting Value-parts and awarding Acro series Special Requirements for the Xcel program.

Xcel Floor - Order Matters


Please click here to view the Xcel Errata posted on September 23, 2014.

Please click here to view the JO Compulsories Errata and new revised pages.

Meet Cancellation Policy

See below for the new meet cancellation policy. It was previously 7 days.

Rules and Policies:
New 14 days cancellation policy for both meet directors and judges: pg 39 F # 2 continued on page 40
New Judges Fee Schedule: pg. 45

USA Gymnastics Minutes - May 2014

USA Gymnastics Online Registration

Click here to view the information on USA Gymnastics' New Online Registration System and USA Gymnastics Opens the New Season for Athlete Registration.